Collaborative Pilot Projects

The Collaborative Pilot Projects aims to support new and innovative mentored pilot research relevant to the regulation of tobacco products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products (CTP).  One goal of the pilot grants program is to foster careers in tobacco regulatory science-relevant research.  Funded projects should lead to development of an application for externally funded research, for example, through the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program at the NIH and FDA, or through other NIH Institutes or Centers.

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Student Competitions

Students Competitions are opened to students at  the  University  of  Rochester and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. This competition aims to promote student awareness and interest in Tobacco Regulatory Science (TRS) and the aligned FDA Research Priorities to better understand toxicity, addiction, and appeal of current and emerging tobacco products, and to provide an evidence base for FDA regulatory considerations. Competitors are expected to develop and present on a proposed solution or novel methodologies to address one or more identified Tobacco Regulatory Research Priorities.

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TRS Passport Exchange Program

The CASEL Passport Program offers TCORS trainees and investigators the opportunity to visit, interact, and receive skill-based training from leading TRS scientists. As part of the Program, individuals can travel across the country to another TCORS location of their choosing, to learn new research strategies and techniques, enhance their skill-base, and expand their TRS research capabilities.

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Career Stories Q&A Seminar Series

The CRoFT Career Story Q&A Seminar Series aims to engage biomedical science trainees in TRS research careers. The monthly TRS Career Story Q&A Seminar Series will feature scientists from diverse academic and non-academic careers to share their transitions and triumphs, with a particular focus on the CRoFT theme of tobacco flavoring. These seminars will be guided interviews with a common structure of pre-seminar readings (a blog post and a CV), a short talk and a lengthy open floor Q&A session. Posts will be housed at the TCORS Blog. All are welcome to attend the seminar. The session is rather interactive so bring all the questions you’d ever want answered. We will have some select opportunities to go to lunch with the speakers.

Continuing Education

Online courses offer potential students, trainees and investigators CME credits and a NYS-accredited Regulatory Science Certificate focused in TRS. These courses aim to motivate students and trainees to pursue independent study, practicum and medical student elective projects with TRS investigators.